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A Filcro Media Staffing - Sports Marketing Executive Search Case History Review

Filcro Sports Media
Global Executive Recruitment & Sports Management Solutions
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Sports Marketing Executive Search Filcro Media

Executive Vice President
International Sports Marketing and Business Development


New York, NY - USA

Reports to



Diversified U.S. based global sports and media company


EVP International Sports Marketing & Business Development

Officer in Charge

Tony Filson

Client Situation

The CEO met with Filcro Media Staffing in New York to discuss the strategic business goals of the organization across multiple media platforms in domestic and international markets.

The CEO’s objective was to identify an executive who could function with autonomy to monetize the organization in new businesses and to a greater extent in the businesses they were currently engaged in.

As the dominant global leader in their space the CEO realized that their prevailing dominance had caused complacency and there was a need to identify an executive who could move the company forward from a revenue and participation perspective to eliminate any competitors from gaining significant market share.

The CEO granted Filcro Media Staffing  autonomy to formulate a job description, compensation and where the executive would be based to assure that revenue and business objectives could be met.

Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Sports Marketing | Sports Product Monetization
  • Talent Agencies and Sports Talent Representation
  • Sports - TV Broadcast Networks and Cable TV Networks
  • Major MSO Operators
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Sports Franchise Ownership
  • Sports Leagues
  • Sports Licensing and Sports Business Affairs Organizations

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

The CEO was aware of Filcro Media Staffing’s reputation in the businesses that provided the organization's core revenue streams.  Cable, Broadcast, On Demand, Telecommunications, MSO’s and a number of Multinational Media Conglomerates for global distribution that the firm had serviced also.  The companies, brands and executives with current relationships were all related the firm’s business goals. 

The CEO was about to upgrade over twenty years of business practices and monetization channels. He wanted to be disruptive to the firm’s competitors in the process.  With a clear commitment by the executive personally and professionally to dominate his space and the key relationship(s) between sports,  media industries, advertising agencies and the dominant global advertisers and sponsors related to the firm, he engaged Filcro Media.

Some of the Challenges Facing the New Executive

  • Implementing process, workflow, monetization and business practices as a change agent not inherent to the sports industry and the history of the particular sport the firm dominates.
  • Establishing new revenue streams outside of traditional sports broadcast, sponsorship and franchise ownership.
  • Renegotiating deals to include cross-platform entities, as primary, as opposed to secondary participants.
  • Engage multinational media conglomerates to produce content specific to tent pole events, athletic talent and their associated domestic and international markets
  • Branding, merchandising and licensing in nontraditional domestic and global markets.
  • Building infrastructure to normalize business practices in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia and MENA markets.

The Filcro Media Sports Recruitment Solution

The new Executive Vice President was recruited by Filcor Media was from one of the leading sports and media talent representation organizations in the world.

She managed and monetized the most recognized, successful and highest earning athletes in the world, for all revenue streams.

The CEO who engaged FIlcro Media and new EVP established a strong relationship rapidly.  Everything clicked during the identification, recruitment, attraction and relocation phases to the extent that both parties, were equally enthusiastic and confident of success.

The success of this search itself can be tied to revenue, the adoption of new business practices and global domination in their space.

This new Executive Vice President has produced record revenue and has positioned the company as #1 in the world, with the desired disruptive effect so the rest of the industry has to play catch-up.

This Executive Vice President continues to exceed revenue goals on a global basis.  She has transitioned a brand, a sport, athletic talent and revenue channels and built the world's most progressive sports franchise for consumers, sponsors and advertisers globally.

With single transactions / events in the $100 to $500 million USD range. Filcro Media offered sound and mature management consulting and executive recruitment services to exceed the business goals and organizational changes sought at the onset.

Tony Filson functioned as Officer in Charge of this engagement.

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