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CMO Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


New York City, NY - USA

The Firm

Music TV Network - Across 8 Media Platforms


$200,000 to $250,000 base with bonus and incentives


Jobs for CMO's and Chief Marketing Officers Jobs in the Media and Entertainment IndustryReporting to the CEO in New York, this CMO will market the Music TV Network(s) of the future.

Broadcasting across 8 media platforms, with 20+ channels of multi-plex music programming this CMO will be responsible for broad strategic relationships with broadcasters, consumers, music producers, music recording artists, advertising agencies the media, media electronics manufacturers and the entertainment industry as a whole.


  • Work internally with the CEO, Affiliate Sales, Advertising Sales and Artist Relations this CMO will optimize their efficacy by implementing marketing programs that showcase the Network’s unique music offerings to consumers and media industry partners.
  • The CMO in this job will bring about music, entertainment and advertising industry awareness in areas relevant to the Network's monetization channels across 8 media platforms.
  • The CMO will work with diverse broadcasters: MSO’s, Satellite, OTA, OEM, DOOH, Mobile, Interactive to build and enhance relationships
  • The CMO will work with major record producers, artists, artist management, music publishers, concert promoters to optimize the Network as a brand and an outlet for creative content to consumers.
  • Seek out marketing opportunities and partnerships that offer clear paths to monetization
  • The CMO will build consumer awareness through social networking, partnerships, events and broadcast opportunities
  • Working with internal on-air and on-line staff the CMO will assure that the brands and or channels are optimizing cross-channel marketing and promotions
  • Partner with advertisers and their agencies to optimize brand awareness across a diverse group of ideal and highly sought after demographics
  • Help build and grow the brands to clearly differentiate them from legacy media. 


  • Minimum of 5-10 years of related marketing experience in the media and or entertainment industries as senior level marketing executive.
  • Ability to work with highly motivated, professional, intelligent, upbeat and honed executives from companies like VIACOM, Time/Warner, SONY, Atlantic and others who are building a highly successful and growing company
  • An understanding of marketing across multiple media platforms and optimizing multi-platform synergies with TV, Radio, Events, Mobile, Online, OEM, Product Placements, Artist Endorsements and Partnerships
  • Capacity to work internally and externally to the Networks as a strategic leader with autonomy and team player when required
  • Ability to work with highly creative music recording artists in creative environments
  • Ability to work effectively in the boardroom of a Fortune 50 or 500 to present compelling reasoning
  • Ability to conceive, plan, justify, execute and bring marketing programs to fruition
  • The ability to drive business goals in the media and entertainment industries through marketing initiatives
  • Experience working for a start-up or similar stage company that is about to experience major growth
  • A desire, capacity and efficacy as a hands-on executive
  • Experience building people and resources in a growing concern
  • A person seeking a vested interest in the success of a major media brand.
  • Ability to lead all online and offline marketing, public relations, promotions, market research and consumer product initiatives
  • Some experience in a mature start-up or start-up brands.  The capacity and understanding of what it is to grow a multi-billion dollar media and entertainment company.


Officer in Charge of Search

Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing
521 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10175

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