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Filcro Media Staffing is a principal global media and broadcasting executive search firm.

The firm recruits media executives for a diverse roster of global broadcasting, entertainment and telecommunications entities.

Filcro Media Staffing’s LATAM Recruitment Group covers all of The Americas for identification, recruitment, attraction and relocation of C Level executives and line management across diverse media platforms and areas of responsibility. Note: Projected LATAM Ad Revenue as ancillary revenue steams for MSO Operators.

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Filcro Media Staffing facilitates the recruitment needs of stand-alone and integrated media platforms for the worlds largest media, entertainment and telecommunications companies.  The firm also works with start-ups and acquired media assets to assure proper management and leadership for global operations and monetization.

Mobile, MSO, Cable TV, Broadcast Television, Radio, Telco,  Music, Broadband, OEM Integration and Satellite markets in Latin America are growing and extremely competitive as new infrastructure offers consumers and businesses robust bandwidth.

Satellite providers dominated markets for years and now emerging MSO’s offering triple and quad-play products are reaping the rewards of CAPEX or acquiring assets to be sole source providers to businesses, consumers  and governments. With FTTLA and HFC providing ample bandwidth for even the most demanding applications the LATAM markets are ripe for growth and exponential expansion

The telecommunications and entertainment overlap with mobile, broadband and cable TV offer new CMS / VOD monetization opportunities that enhance the need for content.  Programming, data and telecom services require creative content from movies, music, sports and a multitude of genres.  When marketed, tiered and bundled  appropriately these service for B2B, B2C and C2C modalities are extremely profitable.

Cable TV, MSO and Telephony Areas of Accelerated Growth in LATAM

Cable TV Products

Filcro Media Staffing LATAM sees accelerated growth in Cable TV Products delivery and development. The entire Cable TV product life cycle is exciting from a CAPEX, strategic and tactical perspective.  Exceptionally talented MSO and Cable TV executives are being recruited to lead across LATAM countries to develop strategies for Cable TV and MSO product lines. Analyzing competitive LATAM markets, setting pricing, determining specifications for offerings, bundling products and then operating to keep customers engaged are essential and Filcro Media Staffing LATAM is seeking Cable TV, MSO and Telecom executives with the ability to lead in these areas in and out of the United States for LATAM markets.  

Video On Demand (VOD)

Filcro Media Staffing LATAM and FMS US are very excited about the increase in VOD offerings and the enhanced monetization channels offered to VOD Providers.  Offering subscribers the best content choices and negotiating content acquisition is exciting.  This is a prime area where creative and business skills come together to implement VOD strategies that can greatly increase revenue and build subscriber relationships. E-commerce in the MSO / Cable industry is a sophisticated endeavor and Filcro Media Staffing LATAM and FMS US are seeking Cable TV and MSO executives with knowledge of LATAM markets to lead in the exciting area of VOD product monetization, content acquisition, operation and development.

Advertising Revenue
Opportunities for MSO, Mobile and Online Advertising Revenue

MSO, Cable TV & Telephony Marketing

Filcro Media Staffing is advising all our clients with LATAM MSO, Cable TV and related Telecommunications properties that the competitive landscape is about to grow substantially.  To enhance our client’s LATAM monetization channels we are recruiting exceptionally talented MSO, Cable and Telephony marketing executive with a strong knowledge of LATAM markets to lead from Miami and LATAM.  Needed are marketing executives who take a holistic approach to deriving revenue from every aspect of an MSO’s offerings.  This is an exciting area and it requires executives who can get consumers and internal employees equally as excited about telephony, VOD, TV programming and triple-play bundles that become part of a consumers important digital life.

Broadband and Fixed Telephony

Broadband is playing a more relevant role in consumer's lives and nowhere is this more prevalent than in Filcro Media Staffing’s LATAM markets.  Telephony, Media, Data and Entertainment are all bundled together to make a modern household or business enjoy a seamless digital experience.  Filcro Media Staffing is currently recruiting broadband executives with LATAM experience to develop products and pricing that maximize penetration and available services.  Effectively communicating internally and externally to implement projects and see them to fruition is key to the success of broadband being a vital part of every monetization modality.  Managing projects in an exact manner to coincide with bundled product roll-outs is essential to making broadband an important element in consumer attraction and retention. As Filcro Media Staffing recruits broadband executives for LATAM and Miami markets we strive to identify those who understand what it is to meet and exceed revenue goals by providing exceptional broadband services in highly competitive growing English and Spanish language markets.

The Building of New Media Opportunities in Central and South America

With record breaking MSO CAPEX taking place in Central and South America, Filcro Media Staffing LATAM is actively recruiting VOD and Pay TV executives who can manage opportunities from the feasibility studies, planning, build-out, ROI, operation and maintenance stages of an MSO’s ecology.  Executing a strategic plan, managing and mentoring employees, optimizing CAPEX, assuring profits and margins, risk management and SOX compliance are key skills and MSO / Cable TV experience that Filcro Media Staffing is recruiting for in Central and South America. MSO, Pay TV, Cable and Telecom executives with related experience managing and directing these functions in LATAM are highly respected and sought by Filcro Media Staffing for current executive searches that offer outstanding career growth.

Canada to New York to Miami to Costa Rica to Brazil to Argentina

Filcro Media Staffing recruits executives to relocate in and out of Latin America or to manage Latin American media businesses from New York, Miami, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai or even Prague.  As global media markets are multiplexed and multicast it has become increasingly important to have Country Directors and Product Directors to optimize local, regional, national and international media revenue.

The Global Language of Media

LATAM media growth beyond borders and languages offers unique monetization opportunities.  Government, legislative, licensing and affiliate acumen and strength are required.  On Business, Technical and Creative levels, Filcro Media Staffing has the specialized media recruitment experience to facilitate media goals expeditiously.

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