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Filcro Media Staffing’s sports executive search practice is devoted to sports media broadcasters and sports franchise broadcasting across all media platforms, globally. Sports marketing and management consulting covers every area for regional national and international sports sponsorships.

Global recruitment is facilitated within specialized practice groups that serve the business, technical and creative business goals of the sports and sports broadcasting industries across all media platforms.

Executive searches are conducted for TV networks, sports franchises, sports venues, sports leagues, sports content producers and sports governing bodies. Filcro Media Staffing’s sports executive search and sports management consulting services cover professional, collegiate, high school, extreme and Olympic sports .

From Boxing to Baseball to Soccer to NFL and even the The Olympics, Filcro Media Staffing has the global recruitment, sports marketing and sports management consulting experience required to identify, recruit and attract senior leadership and every required business, technical and creative direct report.  Sports executive searches are conducted for US | LATAM | EU | ASIA & MENA. 

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Filcro Media Staffing’s executive recruitment success is documented.  Reference materials with regard to efficacy, modality and client rosters for executive searches are available for review as well as specific case histories for each recruitment practice group. 

A few examples of media executive searches with sports related responsibilities or leadership:

For sports production, post, on air promo, sales, marketing - client rosters

For U.S. and LATAM and MENA


Filcro Media Staffing was founded in 1985 and has a long successful history of managing the front and back-offices of multinational sports organizations, sports venues, sports franchises, sports broadcasters sports governing bodies and international sporting events. This combined with the firm’s core business of media and sports executive search uniquely qualifies the firm as the most comprehensive media executive search and management consulting firm in the United States.

Filcro Media Staffing has managed and supplied personnel for noted spots franchises such as  Yankee Baseball, Knick Basketball, Ranger Hockey, Liberty, NFL, TopRank Boxing, MSG Sports and even international water sports by providing the manpower to operate every facet of production, post, facilities, trucks, BO&E and senior management to include Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Producers, Editors-in-Chief and EVP’s.

The firm’s specialized recruitment groups in sports, news and entertainment are utilized to recruit  in local, regional, national and international markets.

The firm has grown considerably since 1985 and Today, Filcro Media Staffing is the leading global media and broadcasting executive search firm with recruitment capabilities in every major media market in the world.

TV Networks, Motion Picture Studios, MSO Operators, Telecommunications Companies, Newspapers and Media and Entertainment Conglomerates all enjoy proven efficacy devoted to global media and entertainment recruitment. 

For our US and LATAM clients we urge you to support, the 2016 Aruba Hi-Winds schedule to be posted under “kitesurfing” ”windsurfing” and “ kiteboarding” water sports. This could be substantial for major sports coverage of this emerging international water-sports competition.  Also note that rugby and golf will be added to the upcoming Olympics and we expect college and professional coverage of rugby and golf to increase rapidly in 2016 leading up the 2016 Olympics in Rio in August.  Filcro Media US and LATAM look forward to recruiting for all these events.  Filcro Sports will be there to coordinate 2018 Pre and 2020 kitesurfing if the IOC brings this to fruition. 

Filcro sports Aruba Kitesurfing kiteboarding kiteboard kitesurfer

2016 Aruba
Hi-Winds Kitesurfing &
Windsurfing US & LATAM

Filcro Media Staffing for major league sports media and emerging sports. 

Golf and rugby will be added to the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Let’s all work together to make kitesurfing a 2020 reality.


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