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       Online Managing Editor Case History

Filcro Media Managing Editor Reviews for Executive Recruitment of Interactive Managing Editors Filcro Media Managing Editor Reviews for Executive Recruitment of Interactive Managing Editors    
  Managing Editor / Executive Producer
  Global Online Interactive Properties
  Washington, DC - USA


Filcro Media Staffing reporting to the client company President.


Global U.S. based organization utilizing technology to support the needs and potential of low-income individuals. Their goal is to create a 21st Century approach to fighting poverty using two main strategies:

  • Developing web-based online content.
  • Providing low-income people with technology infrastructure and capacity.


Managing Editor and Executive Producer of online properties and corporate communications

Client Situation

The need to Manage Media and Online Resources and award-winning, multilingual web portals that provide low-income individuals with web-based tools and information about financial services, education, jobs, health care, and family. The sites feature topics that can help people raise their standard of living by accessing information and learning how to take action on issues that are important to them and can change their lives.

Dissemination of one-of-a-kind educational tools that helps students, parents, teachers, and caregivers find education-related resources in their communities. By simply entering their zip codes, individuals are quickly on the path to finding information about schools, as well as quality and affordable after school tutoring and other learning programs in their neighborhoods.  Users are able to comment, rate and review these services, thereby sharing their own experiences and expertise.  These tools maximize the potential of technology to support parents in the journey to help their children achieve academic success.

Executive Search Committee Member Industry and Sector inclusion

  • Television Broadcasting
  • Digital and Online Properties
  • NGO’s
  • Education
  • Government
  • Corporate Philanthropy

Subsequent to Filcro Media Staffing Being Retained

The Filcro Media Staffing OIC Tony Filson participated in a number of phone conferences with the President and the senior most communications executive to establish current and future objectives for the digital properties.

Challenges Facing the New Managing Editor / Executive Producer

  • Establish new editorial and content standards across two sites and corporate
  • Developing, maintaining and growing content, interactive services and features including maintaining exiting content and synergies to national and local websites
  • Establishing content priorities and production schedules across multiple sites
  • Managing channel editors and freelance writers for money, jobs, school, family and health content including all translation services
  • Maintaining content advisory groups for each channel
  • Writing and editing
  • Collaborating with the design and web development staff

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best in industry" Editors, Editors-in-Chief, Digital Executive Producers and Web Site GM’s with proven efficacy with similar content and audiences.  The firm conducted a national search concentrating on (5) five markets based on media metrics appearing to have the greatest populations to draw from for candidate universe compilation.

Successful Managing Editor / Executive Producer Recruited

Filcro Media Staffing Media Executive Search Firms that recruit interactive executive producers and managing editors for online interactive properties Interactive Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Media Executive Search Firms that recruit interactive executive producers and managing editors for online interactive properties A Managing Editor with more than 15 years of experience in publishing and new media.  The executive brings editorial, marketing and new product development expertise to the firm from world class organizations.

Prior to joining the firm the Managing Editor consulted to executives at some of the top health and lifestyle media companies, including Discovery Communications, Revolution Health Group, Lifescript, Inc. and Choice Media, to create and develop content, marketing and redesign strategies.

She was also the Vice President of Spectrum Science Communications’ Interactive Division where she launched and built the integrated creative services and Web marketing department of a full-service PR firm.

The Managing Editor served as a key member of the team that launched Discovery Health where she held the positions of Director of Business Development and Editorial Director for the portal. She was also the Executive Editor of Phillips Internationals’ Women’s Publishing Group where she launched and managed several new businesses, including the company’s first Web properties.

Early in her career, she developed new publications and launched a division of St. Anthony’s publishing, which was later purchased by United Healthcare’s Ingenix Corporation. She was a Division Manager for IIR, an international publishing and conference company based New York City.


The executive was successfully attracted and relocated.  The goals and objectives of the client have been met and the web properties and corporate communication areas reflect a honed, polished and effective environment utilizing comprehensive technology to assimilate and disseminate information.

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