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Vice President National Advertising Sales (VPNAS)


New York, NY - USA

Search Firm

Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY - USA


Tony Filson, New York, NY - USA

Reporting to

Senior Vice President, New York, NY - USA




A Radio Network with U.S. and international operations on broadcast and digital platforms with exclusivity in technology, platform and media markets.  



Client Situation

The CEO and Senior Vice President of the client company are literal owners of a media platform and after many years of building a substantial brand and operational infrastructure they were seeking monetization.

The firm, poised to capitalize on B2B, B2C and C2C revenue streams from OEM’s, Consumers and Advertisers was seeking national sales leadership to build a respected sales organization.



Executive Search Committee Member(s) Industry and Sector Inclusion




  • Sports Teams
  • OTA, MSO, Radio, Digital, Cable and Satellite TV Broadcasting
  • OEM - Original Electronic Manufactures
  • Investments Banking Firms
  • Management Consulting
  • Broadband and Telecommunications Companies
  • Broadcast Engineering Companies



Filcro Media Staffing is Retained


The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search, Tony Filson, met with the Senior Vice President in New York to discuss the immediate and longterm revenue goals of the company.

In the initial meeting the following was determined: revenue goals, available inventory, U.S. geographic penetration,  OEM product roll-out and cadence, current agency / sponsor / client relationships, budgets, proposed sales organization structure, sales front and back-office needs, internal cross-functional teams and resources.

Filcro Media Staffing with extensive advertising sales executive search experience was able to provide the Senior Vice President with a realistic time-line comparing similar national advertising searches based on budgets, markets and build-out requirements.  

A consensus was achieved immediately as to the level of individual, experience and ideal relationships to bring forward. 

Tony Filson commenced with universe compilation the following business day.



Challenges facing the new Vice President of National Advertising Sales (VPNAS)



Radio Advertising Sales Eceutive Search Firms


  • Educating Clients and Agencies About a New Media Platform
  • Establishing Front and Back Office Sales Resources in NYC
  • Setting Guidelines for Pricing on Inventory For a New Product
  • Formulating Local, Regional and National Modalities
  • Meeting Immediate Budget Goals as a Player / Coach
  • Determine Home, Automotive, Mobile, OEM and Client Monetization Roll-Out Across Various Business Verticals
  • Guide Cross-Functional Teams for Technology, Ideation & Sales Support
  • Setup White Labeling of Network Offerings



Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Modality



The new Vice President of Advertising Sales would have to meet a moderately aggressive budget at the onset. while attending to other duties.  It was essential that Filcro Media Staffing identify and recruit sales executives with exceptionally strong direct client relationships.  These relationships would be critical in shortening initial inventory objectives as strategic initiatives  based on new technology across a new media platform was best pre-approved by the client

Filcro Media Staffing having broad experience recruiting similar national sales executives was able to establish a short list of ideal environments to recruit from where the tactical and strategic objectives of the search could be met.

With our ideal VP targeting for the search in the initial 20M to 30M range as contributors, we were seeking a 400% to 600% cushion to assure success.  We followed this modality based on knowledge from previous searches and the O&D charting with compensation structures used internally by Filcro Media Staffing for recruitment.

With compensation and budgets established the Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson moved on to direct client and agency relationships.  Noting four prior searches for national sales where six of the eight desired clients could be targeted the Automotive, QSR, Beverage, Financial, Telecommunications and Travel and Leisure accounts were all accounted for.   This led to a manageable universe.  

Starting with over 20 targeted sales executives from our research and over 40 who approached Filcro from a known presence in the industry. First round vetting established second round interviews of (12) candidates. Initiating the third round of interviews for the search in New York  (8) met with Filcro Media Staffing in New York with the Director of Research and the Officer in charge of search.  (3) Ideal candidates were produced and the SVP met with all of them at Filcro Media Staffing’s offices in New York City.

The SVP of the client company after meeting with all three candidates was interested in hiring two of them.  He subsequently arranged for both candidates to meet with additional executives including the CEO outside of New York. 

As both candidates were so qualified, it was difficult at one point for the SVP to make a final determination.  If the sales organization was more mature, the SVP stated they might have hired both candidates. 

With a pending acquisition by the client company of a noted entertainment brand and their creative content, it fell to the candidate who had prior work experience with this major media and entertainment conglomerate.  This was not the only factor that caused the client to hire him over the other candidate but it was a determining factor.

From initially engaging Filcro Media Staffing to the actual start date of the new Vice President less
time expired than was slated for the search.  Filcro Media Staffing completed the search under budget, under market comp and in less time than was alloted for the search. 

The new Vice President's transition to the client company was successful.          



The Successful National Vice President of Advertising Sales Recruited



VP Advertising Sales Executive Search Firms for the Media Industry RecruitersThe new Vice President of Advertising Sales is a results-driven, dynamic sales leader with 20+ years of overall experience and a proven track record of leading and driving record-breaking sales performance across multiple media platforms. His ability to identify and capitalize on new sales opportunities through relentless team leadership efforts are noted in the industry.  His experience selling and negotiations with senior-level executives at Fortune 50 and key client companies as well as top media agencies nationwide combined with strong relationships with senior executives at the top advertising agencies, made him ideal to lead. Effective as an organization-wide communicator in prior environments he will do well the internal cross-functional teams.

Hired to restructure , and direct sales for broadcast and digital media brands in the past he has proven efficacy in front and back office sales as a contributor and player / coach.

Advertising Sales Executive Recruiters for the Broadcasting IndustryWith a record of exceeding budgets and driving new brands for media and entertainment conglomerates the New VP of Sales has direct client relationships and agency contacts is the business verticals desired by the CEO and SVP.

Working in his career with a list of CXO level decision makers directly at the client  and the senior most staff at the world's largest advertising agency the new VP of sales was able to coordinate meetings immediately.   

National Advertising Sales Executive Search firms in New YorkAt one firm, he was promoted five times in seven years,  His drive, ability to motivate others and convey messages to vastly varied audiences impressed even the most skilled sales executives he worked with and for.

Located on the East Coast no relocation was required.  This executive has made a smooth transition and the SVP and CEO of the client company were exceptionally pleased with the results of this national advertising sales executive search

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