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       Sports writing & sports editorial jobs

Sports Editor in Chief Jobs for sports  writers and sports editorsFilcro Media Staffing’s sports group is actively recruiting sports writers, editors and editor in chief level sports media professionals in New York.

Talented sports media editorial executives seeking jobs with combined magazine and online properties are encouraged to send in their resumes.

These sports writing and editorial jobs are for those who have worked with print and online sports media and transitioned respected sports print publications into dynamic online destinations for consumers, fans and advertisers.

What differentiates one editor in chief of a noted sports publication, from another is an interesting question and we would like to offer some compelling reasoning, especially suited for our current recruitment efforts. 

Sports Editor-in-Chief

  • Are you so familiar with a sport because you played it in school or professionally? Player, coach, referee or just so intimate with the sport you understand what drives fans and advertisers to keep coming back for more.  
  • Are you a sports renaissance man or woman?  Can you talk about a golf sand trap with the   same authority and enthusiasm as soccer or a dynamic rugby scrimmage?
  • Are you a writer who admires others, like yourself, who find joy in a well written sentence?  
  • Is there a sports magazine or blog you have placed your signature on without hesitation?
  • Can say that you look at other sports digital properties and feel that your online experience would allow you to improve the fan’s experience?
  • Do you love the New York Metropolitan area from the excitement of New York City to the quaint bedroom communities in Connecticut and Westchester that writers seek as sanctuary?
  • Do you enjoy leading?  Do you lead by example?  Have you mentored someone in your career who speaks well of you creating a happy and healthy work environment that people look forward to coming to?
  • Can you be an executive and a sports writer?  Can you live in and control both worlds?
  • Has your creative content driven ad sales dollars?
  • As the Editor-in-Chief of a sports publication would advertisers and sponsors be more excited about participating, if they broke bread with you?
  • If you controlled the game, the sport and the publication, would you know how to take advantage of these resources?

If you feel you are qualified and interested in this job as a sports editor-in-chief of a noted sports media property, we would enjoy reviewing your resume and meeting with you.

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