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Reporting to the Senior Vice President of National Advertising Sales


Review of Madia and Broadcasting TV Research Executive Search Firms by Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson to recruit TV reasearch executivesViacom's goal is to be the world's leading, branded entertainment company across television, motion pictures and digital media platforms. The Viacom focus is on  consumers, enhancing existing brands, developing new brands and executing on  multiplatform strategies to reach objectives and sustain growth. By capitalizing on creative strengths and deepening relationships with audiences, advertisers, distribution affiliates, talent and licensees, Viacom is positioned to achieve continued global success.


  • To Recruit  a Director of TV Advertising Sales Research
  • Based  in New York, NY - USA.
  • Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson, Filcro Media Staffing

Client Situation

The Senior Vice President of National Advertising Sales was seeking an addition to staff based on a distinct need to service a growing and diverse media sales population across multiple media platforms for multicast dissemination.

This Director would need to create new qualitative cable network analysis reports and improve the research department's work flow process to shorten the request-to-report turnaround time.


This executive would have to be proactive and hold training seminars for a group of 43 associated with research and research support in a multiplex environment of advertising and sub driven properties.  A broad understanding of technology associated with the assimilation and dissemination of research data would be essential as this person would be developing primary research to supplement secondary resources.

The development of enhanced primary and secondary media metrics and analytic tools for Network sales was also essential.  The current system did not combine ideation and needed to be a one point solution for sales staff across TV, Interactive, Mobile and Place Based OOH platforms in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Detroit as well as unique opportunities with venues not in primary media markets. 

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television Networks
  • Digital Media Networks
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media Conglomerates
  • Suppliers of Media Research Metrics and Analytics
  • Venue and Place Based OOH with Digital Dissemination and Assimilation


FMS proceeded to identify senior TV Research professionals with specific broadcasting sales research experience in organizations that serviced and mirrored the Networks’ structure, business units, media platforms, multicast and multiplex modality and culture.

Directly recruiting from the identified targets was the most effective modality.  Conventional awareness through print and Internet sources was not effective on any level.  The candidates we were seeking to recruit were currently employed and happy in their current positions.  Aggressively targeting a well researched universe ultimately brought this search to fruition.

Successful candidate identified

A current Director of media research from the largest provider of TV Network analytics in the world who had previously worked for a 100 million subscriber cable TV network with Sub and Ad Sales monetization components.

This executive had managed staffs as large as thirty-five and was responsible for creating training and research process programs that were highly effective in optimizing revenue based enhanced analytics that were superior in accuracy.

Developing primary research sources of media analytics as well as honing secondary data were strong components of this research executives experience.  His capacity to quickly review media data sources for accuracy enabled him to optimize return for media sales executives in the field and minimize potential ADU and or makegood scenarios.

This executive had previously setup media research modalities that were being sought in the client company and he was responsible for mentoring four research employees to the extent that he afforded the network succession planning options that have been utilized successfully.

On the Manager, Director and Vice Presidential levels he created a customer service oriented research environment that was utilized based of ease of use, accuracy and ultimate efficacy.  This building of media research resources, media research technology and media research personnel was a true testament to his capacity as a leader and team player. His noted reputation as an industry pioneer with analytics and media metrics across numerous media platforms assured current and future success in a multiplex that disseminated across (8) eight media platforms.


The media research executive recruited was successfully attracted and did not require relocation.

He has made great progress in transitioning the Network into a state of the art provider of media research tools and analytics to their sales organization and clients across all media platforms  and affording the Network the opportunity to monetize RFP’s and sales plans as never before.

Revenue has been enhanced and the costs of research and research materials have been lowered based on in-house efficacy with primary research as opposed to paying premiums for secondary data.

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